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Ethacridine Lactate (Rivanol,Acrinol)

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CAS NO.:︰1837-57-6
specifications︰Quality Standards for Ethacridine Lactate (Rivanol)

Items Units CP2005 EP5 JP14 DAB2000
Description   Yellow Crystalline Powder Yellow Crystalline Powder Yellow Crystalline Powder Yellow Crystalline Powder
Appearance of Solution   Clear    
Heavy Metals % ≤0.003 ≤0.005 ≤0.002 ≤0.01
Sulphated ash % ≤0.100 ≤0.100 ≤0.100 ≤0.200
Loss on Drying % ≤5.5 4.5-5.5   4.5-5.5
Chloride % ≤0.025 ≤0.026 ≤0.024
Sulfate % ≤0.500 Nothing ≤0.072
PH Value PH 6.0-7.0 5.5-7.0   5.5-7.0
Assay % ≥99.0 99.0-101.0 ≥99.0 98.5-100.5
Dissociated acid       NaOH dosage ≤0.3ml
Ammonium     Nothing Nothing
Fatty Acid     Nothing
Impurities (HPLC)     Each single impurity max. 0.3%   Each single impurity max. 0.5%
  Sum of impurities max. 1.0%   Sum of impurities max. 1.0%

Application︰Trade Name: Ethacridine Lactate, Rivanol, Acrinol
Chemistry Name: 2-ethoxy-6,9-diaminoacridine lactate hydrate
CAS # [1837-57-6] [6402-23-9]
Molecular Formula:C18H21N3O4· H2O
Molecular Weight: 361.40
Physical and Chemical Properties: Yellow crystalline powder, odorless, bitter savor, soluble in water, easier in hot water, slightly soluble in ethanol, not soluble in aether. The melting point is 245℃
Purpose: disinfect and antisepsis, using disinfect of hurt superficial and catarrh.
Expiry Date: 3 years.
Packing:10,20,25KG Net fiber drum.

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